Understanding Iran’s strategy for threatening Israel

Many Western analysts highly underestimate the existential nature of the repeated threats by Iranian leaders to the destruction of Israel. By BOB FEFERMAN October 16, 2018 21:19   Over the past 18 months, we have seen growing tension on Israel’s northern border. According to recent reports, the Israeli Air Force has conducted more than 200 […]

News Update IAF bombs Syrian military base near Damascus: Arab sources

Rhonda Ballance News Editor. E-mail: Rhonda.Ballance@Scofieldinstitute.org

Rhonda Ballance News Editor. E-mail: Rhonda.Ballance@Scofieldinstitute.org




Israeli Air Force planes on Tuesday night bombed a Syrian military base where ammunition intended for Hizballah was being stored, Arab sources said. According to the reports, a huge explosion shook the area of Qutayfah north of Damascus where the Syrian 19th Brigade is based, and a large mushroom cloud covered the sky as a result of a series of secondary explosions.DEBKAfile sources report that the bombing of Syrian targets located several dozen kilometers from the heart of the capital Damascus could not be carried out without coordination and approval from the Russian intelligence and air force. The latest development came during Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s two-day trip to Moscow that DEBKAfile covered in an exclusive analysis on Monday.