Russia: Issachar is a criminal, we will not debate her release


JANUARY 14, 2020 21:49

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Alexeyevich Ryabkov said on Tuesday that the Israeli woman currently in Russian prison Na’ama Issachar “was convicted of criminal offenses” and that Russia is not discussing any exchange deal with Israel to release her, Ynet reported.

Issachar is serving a prison sentence of seven and a half years for having 9.5 grams of cannabis in her luggage when she was changing flights in a Moscow airport. She was returning to Israel from India and the cannabis was not on her person but in the luggage moved from one plane to the other. The Russian authorities found her guilty of drug trafficking and selling within the Russian Federation. In Israel, she is regarded as a victim of Russian brutality and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Reuven Rivlin and others publicly committed to having her brought back home.

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