Russia blames US for civilian casualties in Syria following airstrike on Assad backed convoy

Russia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry claimed that the US attack on a convoy backed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad resulted in civilian casualties. Russia added that the attack was a violation of Syria’s sovereignty.

 Daniel Gilenson
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Yesterday (Thursday), the US attacked a convoy belonging to a Shiite militia backed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria in response to shots fired at coalition forces in the area. Today, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Gennady Gatilov claimed that the attack hit Syrian civilians and is a violation of Syria’s sovereignty.

Meanwhile, a source from Assad’s military stated that the attack damaged one of the military’s points. The source added that a number of people were killed in the attack.


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Archive Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

A US Pentagon official stated that the convoy was attacked by an air strike in the southern region of the country near the Jordanian border. The official clarified that warning shots were fired.

About a month ago, the Syrian Army secretly moved most of its planes in order to protect them from another possible American attack. U.S. sources said that the aircraft were moved at the end of April, shortly after the American attack on a Syrian airbase.

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