Netanyahu says Israel operating in Iraq to counter Iran

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that the military is operating in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries where Iran is “setting up bases against Israel.”

Netanyahu told Kan news broadcaster that Iran is establishing bases against Israel in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon.

He said that in response, Israel is working the Iranian campaign in Iraq and many other sectors, including Syria.

As a number of Iranian-linked facilities belonging to paramilitary forces in Iraq have exploded in recent weeks, Israel has been accused of launching airstrikes approved by the United States and Russia.

When a weapons depot belonging to an Iranian-backed militant group at the Saqr military base was rocked by explosions last week, Iraq’s former deputy mayor blamed Israel for the apparent attack.

Saudi paper al-Sharq al-Awsat reported on Wednesday that Israel had attacked Iranian targets in Iraq for the third time in recent weeks.

The Israeli strikes were reportedly carried out in coordination with an agreement reached between Russia and the United States to “prioritize” Israel’s security and Iranian influence in Syria and Iraq should be watched.

The report said Israel was given permission to do so as long they would not public declare they were behind the attacks.

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