Netanyahu on Jerusalem Day: “We can’t return to the reality of a divided Jerusalem”

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Israeli President Reuben Rivlin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took part in an official rally on Ammunition Hill marking 49 years since the Six Day War and the reunification of Jerusalem.


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In an official rally marking 49 years since the reunification of Jerusalem on Ammunition Hill, Israeli President Reuben Rivlin, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev, and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat attended a special ceremony. In honor of the occasion, Netanyahu stated: “I remember the magic of Jerusalem in my childhood but I also remember another reality, walls with snipers, abandoned areas, and minefields. We already have 49 years of a Jerusalem free of bondage and we won’t return to that reality anymore.”

“Jerusalem is not exempt from problems and we deal with them,” Netanyahu added. “But the reality of a divided city, a wounded city, a torn city we don’t want to go back to. Placing our flag on the Western Wall was the second most important day after the Declaration of Independence.”

“We won’t abandon the Western Wall and we won’t deny our ties to the Temple Mount,” Netanyahu proclaimed. “UNESCO, the UN branch that deals with preserving human cultural civilization, claimed that there is no Jewish connection to the Temple Mount. What stupidity, what absurdity, what a disgrace!”

Netanyahu also criticized the peace conference in Paris: “Jerusalem has 70 names and one of them is peace. The State of Israel wants peace. I want peace. I am interested in renewing a political process aimed at establishing peace but peace will be achieved only via direct negotiations between us, where in the end they will recognize the right of Israel to exist as the Jewish nation state.”

“Peace will be achieved via direct and free negotiations between the sides,” he stated. “We’ve seen that it was achieved with Jordan and Egypt. It has not been reached via international dictates. All international dictates do is distance peace and to make the Palestinians more stubborn in their positions.”

“The one who refuses to recognize Israel as the national state of the Jewish people is also the one who denies our connection to Jerusalem and turns the Temple Mount into a center of religious incitement,” Netanyahu proclaimed. “The one who doesn’t renounce terrorism has a long way to go to achieve peace.”

“Jerusalem is open to all three religions only because Israel is sovereign in Jerusalem,” he declared. “This was not true for previous generations’ centuries before us. Israel respects all religions, defends the holy sites of all religions, and builds in Jerusalem for all its residents, both Jewish and Arab alike.”

“Over 800 fighters from the Paratroopers Brigade, the Jerusalem Brigade, and the Harel Brigade lost their lives in and around Jerusalem in the Six Days War,” Israeli President Reuben Rivlin stated. “The Hillel prayer was merged with pain. Just as the happiness of Israel’s Independence Day is connected to the sorrow of Memorial Day, also the happiness regarding our freedom on Jerusalem Day is mixed with the sorrow over the deaths of the liberators of Jerusalem who fought for its unity.”

“I was born in Jerusalem 76 years ago,” Rivlin stated. “During the Six Days War, I was an intelligence officer in the reserves for the Jerusalem Brigade. I was privileged to be among the liberators of the city. I remember the excitement that surrounded us when we got to the wall. There were also those that did not want to and cried.”


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