Netanyahu Confirms Syria Strike: Israel Operating Constantly Against Iran in Syria

Netanyahu says Israel’s relations with all countries in the Middle East are ‘very good, except with Syria’ as he sets out for region-themed Warsaw summit

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed on Tuesday upon setting out for a Middle East-themed international conference in Warsaw, Poland that Israel struck in Syria on Monday evening.

“We operate every day, including yesterday, against Iran and its attempts to entrench itself in the region,” Netanyahu said.

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“Iran is issuing threats against us. On the fortieth anniversary of their revolution, they threatened to destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa. I said that they won’t succeed and if they try it will be the last anniversary they celebrate,” Netanyahu added.

Syrian state media reported on Monday that Israeli tank shells hit a demolished hospital and an observation post in Syria’s southern Quneitra province near the border with Israel.

“We are constantly operating according to our assessments and needs to prevent Iran and its satellites from forming bases near our northern border or in our area at all,” Netanyahu said at a naval base in Haifa earlier Tuesday, adding: “We do whatever is necessary.”

“We are operating through a lot of different means and elements against their attempts to arm up on nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. We also halt their attempts to entrench themselves in Syria,” the prime minister said of Israeli actions to fend off Iranian threats in the region.


Netanyahu also noted that Israel’s relations with countries in the Middle East “are very good. With all of them except for Syria.”

“Descriptions according to which we are disconnected [from countries around us] are the opposite of the reality. Relations are tightening. Not everything is out in the open but some of it is,” he added.

Addressing the conference in Warsaw that he will participate in and that the Palestinians have chosen to shun, the prime minister said he “doesn’t think the deal of the century [or Trump’s peace plan] will be at the center of discussions.”


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