Israel and Turkey quietly move to repair relations: report


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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have exchanged diplomatic barbs in the past

Israel and Turkish officials have reportedly resumed contact after several months of strained relations following the bilateral expulsion of one another’s envoys amid a row over the Israeli military’s killing of dozens of Palestinian in May.

Ynet reported that according to Israeli and Turkish officials, the two nations are set to return ambassadors to their posts following the Jewish holidays this month.

Turkey reportedly sent an economic attache to Israel after several years having no one in the country. Ankara’s representative is reportedly actively working to improve economic ties between the two countries, according to a earlier report from Yedioth Ahronoth.

Additionally, it seems Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan were in Baku, Azerbaijan this past weekend and nearly crossed paths.

Diplomatic sources said the coinciding visits were merely a coincidence and no meetings between Israeli and Turkish officials occurred in Baku, according to Ynet.

Reports of improving Israeli-Turkish ties come amid expectations for an end to the war in Syria, an arena in which Jerusalem and Ankara share interests.

Both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Erdogan fear the Assad regime’s backing of growing Iranian military presence in Syria, providing a likely impetus for repairing bilateral relations.


While Turkey under Erdogan has never completely severed ties with Israel, the Turkish strongman has also never shied away from the strongest criticism.

In May, Erdogan took to Twitter to accuse Israel of “state terror” and “genocide” over the deadliest day of Gaza protests in recent months in which approximately 60 Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire. Hamas later claimed about 50 of the dead as members of their militant wing, sparking condemnations from leaders of various Muslim countries, including Erdogan.

Turkish media has been relatively quiet in response to recent alleged Israeli strikes in Syrian territory, which some are connecting to Erdogan’s need for positive diplomacy with Israel amid ongoing tensions with the US.

Washington and Ankara are locked in a bitter feud over the nearly two-year jailing of Andrew Brunson over disputed terror charges, which has triggered a trade row and sent the lira into a tailspin.

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In August, Trump has said he had doubled the tariffs on aluminum and steel tariffs from Turkey, prompting Ankara to sharply hike tariffs on several US products.

Erdogan has repeatedly described the current crisis as an “economic war” that Turkey will win.

The collapse of the currency has been blamed both on the tensions with the United States and Erdogan’s increasing hold on Turkey’s economy and his refusal to allow the central bank to raise interest rates.

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