Iran: missiles against Daesh to threaten US forces © Video

Iran is firing medium-range ground missiles (700 km) against targets from Daesh to Deir Ez Zor, but sends a threatening signal to US-backed Syrian forces (video).


Following the incident when  a Su-22 of the Syrian Air Force was shot down by a US Navy F / A-18 Super Hornet fighter aircraft ,   the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (CGRI) launched several ground missiles – medium-range ground against Daesh targets in the Syrian province of Deir Ez Zor, where the heads of Daesh headquarters (at AL-Mayadeen) have withdrawn .

According to the IRGC, these missiles have been launched from the outlying provinces of Iran, Kermanshah and Kordestan, overflew Iraqi airspace and hit terrorist targets in Syria.

Iran has reportedly used Zolfagar missiles, recently delivered to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, which must be upgraded to 3,000 km and whose main target is Israel . At the time of this delivery, other Qadr H ballistic missiles with a span of 1400 kms doubled the inscription: Israel will be swept from the surface of the planet.

The media wholly controlled by the Ayatollahs regime claim that a very high number of Daesh terrorists have been killed as a result of these shots. However, no balance sheet is available.

The statement by the Revolutionary Guards Corps says that the missile strike was a response to the recent attacks claimed by Daesh in Tehran.

However, it is clear that this missile strike is a message sent to the pro-American coalition and US-backed forces in Syria, whether the Kurds (Raqqa-Tabqah) in the north or pro-rebels -Jordanians in the south (Dera’a), militias located near the villages of Al-Tanf and al-Zquf, on the border with Iraq. Where the US military has just deployed a high-mobility rocket-launching artillery system with a range of … 300 kms, or half as much …

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