IDF strikes reported near Homs Thursday evening


Strikes near military airport outside Homs reported Thursday; Iranian missiles targeted and destroyed; Syrian army claims its missile defense “confronted the attacked and prevented it from achieving its aim”.



Israeli airstrikes in Syria were reported on Thursday evening southwest of Homs near a military airport close to al-Qasr.

Large explosions were reported Thursday, with varied reports from Syrian and Hezbollah media on the strikes. Hezbollah reported four missiles fired at the al-Dabaa airport, with Arab media reporting more. Sky News Arabia reported sounds of Israel jets in Lebanese airspace ahead of the strikes.

SANA news agency reported Thursday that “One of our military airports in the central region was exposed to hostile missile aggression,” claiming “our air defense systems confronted the attack and prevented it from achieving its aim.”

The strikes reportedly targeted Iranian missiles at the site. The base was known for harboring Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guard Forces, as well as would “host multiple militia recruitment centers & training facilities.”

S-200 air defense missiles were fired at the incoming missiles, with no damages reported.

As with most covert operations in Syria, the IDF and Ministry of Defense refused to comment on the reports.

The developments follow strikes on Syrian Army positions in the Deir ez-Zor province early Thursday. Both the Syrian Army and Hezbollah reported US Coalition Air Force strikes on Syrian Army positions. Hezbollah reported strikes on two Syrian army posts and near T2-an energy installation close to the border with Iraq. Syria’s SANA first released reports of the attacks, citing a Syrian army source. It claimed “Some of our military sites between Albu Kamal and Hamimia were exposed at dawn today to aggression launched by US coalition jets.”

A reported 12 militants were killed in the strikes.

The US military and Pentagon denied the reports, a spokesman for the Central Commander stating “We have no operational reporting of a US-led coalition strike against pro-Syrian regime targets or forces.”

Israel Air Force Commander Maj.-Gen. Amikam Norkin recently confirmed that the IDF continues its operations in Syria since the May 10 confirmed operation on over 15 Iranian bases in Syria. He reported that the IDF is mainly preventing weapons shipments to Hezbollah, as well as on Iranian bases and efforts.

Norkin recently stated that the IDF “has been watching what the Iranians were doing around us. The Quds Force is set up at the T-4 base, which is some 250 kilometers from Israel. From this base they tried to attack using an armed drone that infiltrated Israel several months ago from our eastern border. After that incident, we determined that they were continuing to store weapons at the base, including aerial defense capabilities that we attacked over the past month.”

He added, “In recent weeks, we realized Iran had sent missiles and long-range rockets to Syria, including [BM-27] Uragan launchers that we attacked north of Damascus.”

Amir will address this and much more during his Middle East Current Events Update on Friday, May 25, 2018. Tune in our Facebook page at 7:00 pm (Nashville time). The update will be added on Saturday to Youtube.

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