Former Military Intelligence chief Yadlin: “May has not been so dangerous since 1967”

The head of the Institute for National Security Studies, Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin, warned in an interview with Ynet that the threats from Tehran and Gaza to harm Israel are being diverted to the next month: “When the heads of state speak of Israel as a power, it also reminds me of the sounds of 1973.” However, he made it clear: “Iran can not threaten our existence”

Interview with Amos Yadlin

 The former head of military intelligence, Maj.- General Amos Yadlin , addressed this morning (Sunday) security tensions with Iran and Hamas background attack attributed to Israel Iranian base in Syria , the threats of Tehran to resume uranium enrichment if the United States would withdraw nuclear agreement and continuation of violent demonstrations Of the Palestinians along the Gaza Strip border . In an interview with the Ynet studio , Yadlin said that “when I look at the month of May, I say that May has not been so dangerous since 1967.”

Yadlin, who is the head of the Institute for National Security Studies, made it clear that Iran’s threats to avenge Israel for the attack in Syria must be taken in proportion. “The deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards said that his army could wipe out Israel and destroy our air force, so we can all only escape to the sea, militarily it can not threaten the existence of the State of Israel, it can not even harm the air force, very important”.

Military parade in Iran (Photo: AP)

Military parade in Iran last week (Photo: AP)

Military parade in Iran (Photo: AP)

(Photo: AP)

However, Yadlin noted that “he can certainly harm the State of Israel, and I suggest that we do not make it easy to do so.” They have several options: to launch missiles from Iran or Syria, to do some sort of action on the border with Lebanon or on the border with Syria; An attack abroad. This could happen at the embassy or against Israeli tourists, as we saw in Bulgaria a few years ago. The Iranians are deploying all their options, and they will choose what suits them best. ”


He added that “both sides do not want to reach a general confrontation, but both sides are determined not to give in. This is a very dangerous slope, and I suggest not to underestimate the Iranians, but on the other hand I would not change with them. Syria is exposing itself, and I think that we must not allow Iran to establish itself in Syria, we need only to be very precise about what threat we can not live with and what threat it is not worthwhile to reach. ”


The Iranian foreign minister’s threats

Yadlin reminded him of the Israeli euphoria that led to the failures before the Yom Kippur War: “At the last Independence Ceremonies, I remembered the 1967 Independence Ceremonies: a parade in Jerusalem, everyone is happy, but they did not notice that the revolution began to develop in the Six Day War. Reminds me of the sounds of ’73, so let’s be more modest, more careful, and we’ll know where we’re going. ”


The current Israeli government is euphoric?

“A preventive attack does not obligate us to take the risks of reaching a full confrontation, and I hope that the people sitting in the cabinet room and the intelligence and security forces know how to go on the head of the Iranian snake in places where we can not stand its entrenchment in Syria and on the other hand we will not remove the last Iranian from Syria. Neither realistic nor true. ”

Gaza's return march (Photo: EPA)

Fear of severe riots on Gaza border (Photo: EPA)

The Gaza march (Photo: AP)

(Photo: AP)

The return march in Gaza (Photo: Reuters)

(Photo: Reuters)

The return march in Gaza (Photo: Reuters)

(Photo: Reuters)

On the threats of the Islamic Republic to enrich uranium again in the event of an American withdrawal from the nuclear agreement, Yadlin said, “I think that when the Iranians are sitting now and calculating when to attack and how to attack what they see as an Israeli attack on Syria, the issue of Trump’s departure from the nuclear agreement is very important for them. The fact is that they will reject the action against Israel after they understand where Trump is going, because if there is something that the Iranians would not really want, then Israel and the United States together will respond to the Iranian withdrawal after the American withdrawal. ”


He mentioned again the month of May, which also includes the US decision to withdraw from the nuclear agreement and the threats of the Palestinians: “All things together come together for May. The Israeli-Iranian issue, the Iranian response, Trump’s decision on the agreement with Tehran and the Palestinian “March of Return” on May 1


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