Lieberman: If Syrians use Russian missiles against us, we’ll strike back

Defense minister says Russian air defense systems already deployed in Syria but don’t act against Israel, warning that if Syria uses advanced S-300s to attack IAF aircraft, Israel will retaliate; also rejects Nasrallah accusations about killing Arab scientists. Alexandra Lukash, Nir Cohen Published:  04.24.18 Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned Tuesday that if Syria uses Russian-made air […]

Iran’s Revenge Is Coming, DM Warns Ahvaz Attack Sponsors

IFP Editorial StaffSeptember 24, 2018    Iranian Defence Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami has vowed Iran will take revenge from terrorists for Saturday attack in south-western city of Ahvaz, which left about 30 dead and over 50 injured. “Terrorists await the revenge of the Iranian nation,” he said while speaking in the funeral ceremony of […]

Report: Iran bolstered its activity in Latakia assuming Israel wouldn’t attack

Daniel salamiPublished:  09.20.18 , 10:07 Iran assumed Israel would not attack in Latakia because of Russia’s heavy presence in the area, therefore bolstering its activity there, according to the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper citing Israeli sources as saying.   The sources added that Iran had built warehouses and weapons development facilities as well as workshops […]

30 years later, Israel declassifies footage of its first satellite launch

To mark anniversary of the Ofek 1’s deployment, Defense Ministry also releases photos of Syria taken by its newest spy satellite Judah Ari Gross   Thirty years after Israel launched its first satellite, the Ofek 1, into space, the Defense Ministry on Monday released never-before-seen footage of its liftoff into orbit. The ministry also released […]

U.S. warns Iran it will counter attack Tehran ‘proxies’ in Iraq

REUTERS September 11, 2018 23:48 Breaking news. (photo credit: JPOST STAFF) WASHINGTON, – The United States warned Iran on Tuesday it will “respond swiftly and decisively” to any attacks by Tehran’s proxies in Iraq that result in injury to Americans or damage to US facilities. The statement by the White House press secretary accused Iran […]

Iranian, Turkish top diplomats meet ahead of Tehran summit

Tasnim – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavusoglua, held talks in Tehran ahead of a trilateral summit between the presidents of Iran, Russia, and Turkey on the protracted crisis in Syria. 09/07/2018 “Visiting Tehran on the occasion of #Turkey-#Iran-#RussianFederation trilateral summit on Syria to be held tomorrow with the […]

Putin Defies Trump’s Demands to Expel Iran From Syria

By Henry Meyer and Ilya Arkhipov September 6, 2018 Vladimir Putin is done making concessions to the U.S. over Iran’s presence in Syria. Having pushed Iranian-backed forces away from the frontier with the Israeli-held Golan Heights in July, the Russian president is defying the Trump administration’s demand to expel Iran completely from Syria after the […]

It is time to recognize the fact that Turkey is an enemy of Israel

The traditional place of the Arabs in the campaign against us was replaced by the regimes of Tehran and Ankara. Our unwillingness to recognize this is a sign of the success of Erdogan’s cunning strategy

Carolyn Glick 18/05/2018

Benjamin Netanyahu and Recep Tayyip Erdogan


And then, everything turned over. The transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and the Hamas campaign against Israel on the Gaza border on Monday passed relatively quietly in the Arab world, and even Egyptian intelligence even forced Hamas to stop the offensive, while the Iranians were sharpening swords for the next round of strikes against us, In the Muslim world against Israel and for Hamas Turkey accuses Israel of committing genocide, insists Hamas is not a terrorist organization and expels and humiliates our ambassador

On Wednesday, Turkish Prime Minister Benali Yildirim announced that Turkey, An emergency of the organization, in order to attack Israel . At the end of the conference, a huge demonstration will be held against Israel in the city’s largest square. The Turks and the Iranians not only share hatred of the Jewish state, they also work together. Turkey is the most important channel to circumvent the economic sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council on Iran.

But while there is no sane person in Israel who does not recognize the fact that Iran is Israel’s enemy, almost no one in our political and security echelon knows that Turkey is an enemy of Israel. Our unwillingness to recognize this reality is not coincidental. Is a sign of the success of Erdogan ‘s cunning strategy .

In 1979, the revolutionaries in Iran took control of the Shah regime with violence, with the intention of turning secular Iran into an Islamic state. The hatred of the revolutionaries against Israel and the US has left no room for doubt among Israeli government and intelligence officials that the story of the alliance with Iran is behind us, and no one has deluded himself that it is possible to maintain ties with the new

Rouhani. The leader of another hostile country, which in the past was also one of our allies. Photo: Reuters

In Turkey, the situation is different. From 1996 to 1997, Erdoğan’s mentor, Najmatin Arbakan, was prime minister of Turkey. The Turkish army removed him from his post because he worked to abolish the secular regime in Turkey and replace it with an Islamic government. As the scholar Dr. Harold Rhode wrote in his book Ally No More, when Erdogan and his AKP came to power in 2002, learning that Erbakan had been removed, Erdogan worked to conceal his intention to dismantle the secular regime, bowing to the desire of the Americans and Europeans to see him Leader of “moderate Islam”. Since then, systematically and consistently, Erdogan has dismantled the strongholds of secular rule – the press, the
judiciary, law enforcement, education and public service. Secularists were replaced by radical Muslims.

At the same time, Erdogan overthrew the army. According to the constitution introduced by Ataturk, the founder of the secular Turkish Republic, the army had faith in the preservation of the liberal regime.
In July 2016, following the failed coup attempt, Erdoğan completed reform when he suppressed and dismantled the pockets of the last secular resistance to his rule. Erdogan unveiled his goal in his victory speech on the eve of the 2011 election, when he was elected for the third time. “Today,” he said, “our victory is also important in Sarajevo, Beirut, Damascus, Ramallah, Jenin and Jerusalem.” In other words, he said that Turkey is headed to lead the entire Islamic world.

Erdogan’s intention is to revive the Ottoman Empire, which the Ataturk republic replaced for only a few decades. Like the Ottoman sultans who preceded him, he also sees himself as the Caliph, the religious and political leader of the entire Islamic world. Given Erdogan’s Turkey’s clear strategic shift, it is clear that Turkey’s hostility toward Israel will only worsen. What we are experiencing today, what we experienced in the events of the Mavi Marmara in 2010 and following them, were not ephemeral episodes.

As a non-Arab country (like Iran), Turkey considers leading the all-out Islamic campaign against Israel an essential tool for establishing its legitimacy as the leader of the Islamic world. Like the ayatollahs in Iran, as long as Erdogan and his people are in power, there is no chance that the situation will change. On the contrary, if it depends on Erdogan, he will get worse.

On Thursday it was reported that last year a shipment of electronic capacitors originating in Turkey was intercepted en route to Iran. The captured Israeli-made capacitors are included in the list of prohibited equipment for export to Iran as part of the United Nations sanctions, which the Israeli company claimed sold the capacitors to a veteran Turkish company: “We do not sell to enemy countries. Turkey is not an enemy state and there is no reason not to trade with it. ”

Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon said in an interview with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that no change in economic relations between Israel and Turkey is expected, which he called “very important.” This means that Israel will not limit the sale of combat systems to Turkey, let alone dual-use systems. The importance of the Turkish ruler’s conduct in that “Erdogan has internal problems. He has a regular ritual. “Tourism Minister Yariv Levin also ignored Erdogan’s ambitions when he claimed he was acting as he did for election reasons, adding that” Turkey has a leader who is exploiting the Israeli issue in order to create headlines and enlist support before elections. ”

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely Has made it clear that Israel is not in a state of severing ties with Turkey, most of El Al’s flights are over Turkey, there is a Jewish community in the country that needs to be cared for, and Israel has significant trade ties with Ankara. Diplomatic relations.

The Jewish community should be encouraged to leave Turkey. El Al’s flight routes should be examined in order to find ways to reduce exposure to Turkish skies, and trade relations should be limited in view of the close relations between Turkey and Iran. The story of the alliance between Turkey and Israel ended years ago. This is not a passing episode. Erdogan is a real enemy, not to be confused. The man aspires to empower and lead radical Islam and exploits his hostility towards us in order to establish his status. He is not interested only in political gain. The time has come for Israel to understand this and formulate a long-term policy aimed at weakening Turkey, reducing its maneuvering space and damaging its international, military and economic standing.

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