Departing for UN, Netanyahu says Israel to keep acting against Iran in Syria

Departing for UN, Netanyahu says Israel to keep acting against Iran in Syria 09/25/2018 Israel will continue to act to prevent Iran from entrenching itself militarily in Syria, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Tuesday afternoon, minutes after concluding a security cabinet meeting dealing with the diplomatic crisis with Russia over last week’s downing of a […]

IAF strike in Latakia destroys rocket factory, Iranian aircraft

Amid crisis between Russia and Israel over downing of Russian spy plane, newly released satellite images show Israel’s initial attack in Syria wiped out an ammunition depot, military factory and Boeing 747 of Fars Air Qeshm—Iranian airline affiliated with country’s Revolutionary Guards. Yoav Zitun Published:  09.25.18 , 10:24 Satellite images of recent Israeli airstrikes in Latakia, […]

Russia to use Iranian airbase for Syria operations

Zen Adra2018-09-24   DAMASCUS, SYRIA (3:50 P.M.) – Russia has reportedly asked Tehran to be provided with access to Noyeh airbase in northwestern Iran to be used as an interim airfield for its fighters while conducting missions in Syria. According to ANNA News Agency which reported the story, Russian had earlier used the same airbase […]

Russia to Provide Assad With Up to Eight S-300 Systems to Defend All of Syria, Report Says

Meanwhile, Moscow has reportedly transferred electronic warfare systems to Syria’s Latakia. Russia’s defense chief said the systems will make it harder for Israel to conduct airstrikes HaaretzSep 25, 2018 11:23 AM Russia will transfer two to four S-300 air defense missile systems to Syria within the next two weeks, the Russian news website Kommersant reported […]

Erdogan vows to defend Jerusalem from Israeli ‘invaders’

Turkish leader says will fight against ‘those who perform state terror on Palestinians,’ a week after Hebrew media report suggesting possible reconciliation between the two nations By TOI staff 24 September 2018, 2:57 pm Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Sunday that he will defend Jerusalem from Israeli “invaders” and against those who carry out […]

Defying Trump, powers agree to evade Iran sanctions, keep nuke deal alive

EU to set up legal entity allowing European businesses to continue trading with Tehran while avoiding penalties from US aimed at pressuring Islamic Republic AFP 09/25/2018 NEW YORK — The European Union said Monday its members would set up a payment system to allow oil companies and businesses to continue trading with Iran in a bid […]

Putin to Netanyahu: We don’t believe IDF’s story

Russian president tells Netanyahu his government does not accept Israeli claims regarding downing of Russian military aircraft over Syria. David Rosenberg, 24/09/18 The Russian government has refused to accept the validity of Israel’s investigation into the downing of a Russian reconnaissance plane over Syria last week, doubling down on the Russian Defense Ministry’s statement holding […]

‘Major mistake’: Israel, US warn Russia against giving S-300 missiles to Syria

Netanyahu says move to arm Assad with advanced system within 2 weeks following downing of spy plane will ‘magnify dangers’ in region, Bolton cautions of ‘significant escalation’ TOI staffAgencies24 September 2018, 7:22 pm   Both Jerusalem and Washington warned Russia on Monday evening against its declared intention to provide the Syrian military with advanced surface-to-air missiles […]