A Turkish newspaper close to Erdogan: to establish a Muslim army to attack Israel

On December 12, 2017, ahead of a summit of the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) in Istanbul, a Turkish newspaper close to President Erdogan and his party,

Published an article entitled “Call for Urgent Action,” which was also published on the Internet under the headline “What if an Islamic army is established against Israel?” The article called on the 57 member countries to create an “Islamic army” to attack the State of Israel. Source:  memri.org

He noted that such an army would overtake the Israeli army far more in terms of equipment and budget, and present statistical data to prove it.

He also calls for the establishment of joint bases for the ground forces, air and sea of ​​this army, which will come from all over the Muslim world to attack Israel – noting that Pakistan, the only nuclear state in the organization, has a “special status.”

“For Israel, this is a far inferior army. The population of this country is 8,049,314 people. Notice how the population of Istanbul alone circumvents the 14 million. The number of soldiers serving in the regular army is 160,000, and Israel’s defense budget is about $ 15.5 billion. Among the steps we can take is the establishment of a “united Jerusalem force”.

Arab armies coming from Africa to Asia will bypass the power of the Israeli army. Israel will be in a disadvantageous position. ”

Read more: memri.org  (English)



Daily close to Turkish president Erdogan and website of Erdogan associate call to form joint Islamic army to fight Israelhttp://ow.ly/CFpu30iOBkS 


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